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Honoring the Game

Honor the Game

Model and teach your players to Honor the Game.

Teach the elements of ROOTS–Respect for: Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self

·         Appoint a parent to be “Culture Keeper” for the team.

·         Share with your players’ parents your desire for them to Honor the Game.

·         Drill Honoring the Game in practice.

·         Seize teachable moments to talk with players about Honoring the Game.

Help players Redefine what it means to be a “Winner” in terms of Mastery, not just the Scoreboard.

·         Teach players the ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learning, and bouncing back from Mistakes).

·         Use a “Team Mistake Ritual” (like “Flushing Mistakes”) to help players quickly rebound from mistakes.

·         Reward effort, not just good outcomes. Look to recognize players for unsuccessful effort.

·         Encourage players to set “Effort Goals” that are tied to how hard they try.

·         Use Targeted Symbolic Rewards to reinforce effort and team play.

Fill your players’ Emotional Tanks.

·         Use encouragement and positive reinforcement as your primary method of motivating.

·         Strive to achieve the 5:1 “Magic Ratio” of 5 positive reinforcements to each criticism/correction.

·         Schedule “fun activities” for practices, so players will enjoy our sport.

·         Use the “Buddy System” to teach players to fill each other’s Emotional Tanks.

·         Develop “player coaches” by asking for player input and asking rather than telling them what to do

·         Learn to give “Kid-Friendly Criticism” so players will be able to hear it. Criticize in private, “Ask Permission,” use the   Criticism Sandwich; avoid giving criticism in non-teachable moments.

Have Conversations during Team Meetings with your players at every practice and every game.

·         Review Honoring the Game, the ELM Tree and the Emotional Tank throughout the season.

·         Remind players about these three concepts before and after every game.

·         Ask questions and encourage players to speak and contribute during team meetings.

·         Use the Winner’s Circle after a game to reinforce the positive things players did.


Good Luck and Have Fun!  It’s going to be an awesome season!

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